Tak v Bowes Departed


Braids from Tak v Bowes Departed:
A Broad Lace Party, An Endented Lace, A LAce Compon Covert, A Lace Baston, A Thin Lace Bordered on Both Sides, A Chevron of 16, A Lace bend on his Bows, A Lace Pens Powerer


The authors may be available for talks and/or demonstrations; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Elizabeth Benns has for some years now been researching the late medieval silkwomen and the London merchant community to which they belonged. She has presented papers on various aspects of this research and also works on the recreation of silk narrow wares, in particular those made by braiding techniques. A barrister by training, Elizabeth now works in the voluntary sector for a disability organisation.

Gina Barrett’s research focuses on the recreation and reconstruction of the passementerie techniques of the past, with an emphasis on medieval narrow wares. She has provided reconstructions of narrow wares for theatre, costumiers, museums and private individuals. A trained illustrator, she is a partner of a successful design agency in the Midlands.